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    Students enjoy up to four hours of daily live lessons, extracurricular, and loads of other edutainment sessions with small groups to keep learning personalized


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    Our teachers are all degree-holders, and have many years' experience. They know how best to teach children, while also encouraging their natural curiosity and love of learning.


    Our Parents believed

    That their child has become more well-rounded, capable, and academically stronger since joining CGS.

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    Welcome to Creek Global School..

    We are an online-only school and welcome students up to grade 12, based in the UK: although we operate worldwide; and have students from many different countries! We believe that each child has a gift, and they only need some nurturing discipline, time, and patience to bring it out. Our students are challenged in class, but not in any way that belittles them- they think because that’s what kids do; they explore, learn, and problem-solve.

    Study online at Creek Global School

    Get the best online education, at your convenience- with daily live classes, CGS is truly a school gone online!

    Your Child deserves the best

    Let them join the school that adapts to their pace- while letting them shine!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I do online school instead of going to school?

    Yes, at Creek School, we offer part- and full- time enrollment options to students from Grades 1-12

    Can I finish high school online?

    At CGS, we prepare students to take any of the following exams: IGCSE's and A-levels, GCSE's and A-levels, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, CIE O-levels. Our students enjoy live classes every day, and have access to a full range of co-curricular activities, university and career counselling, and regular progress reports.

    How much does online school cost?

    CGS offers a pay-per-subject fee structure. This means that each student has a tailored fee structure based on their enrolment options as well as the number of subjects they elect to take. Learn more about our fees here.

    Can high school students take online college courses?

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level classes that US high school students take. A good score in the AP exams can translate into college credit as well.

    How are students assessed on entry?

    All students will be given a baseline test covering various educational and developmental sectors. Once the student has done this they will need to attend a 1:1 session with a teacher from the team. Within a week the results of the exam and a study plan are discussed with the student and family, to make sure children get a personalised learning and parents and families are aware of the children's developments and progressions.

    What are the Creek Global School fees?

    What platform do you use in school?

    We have created our own safe and secure learning platform that makes it easy for students to log into class everyday. Upon joining Creek Global School students will receive their log in details and schedule for the year.

    Will students have homework?

    Without a doubt, homework would be assigned for children above grade 5. We would ensure that there is a balance between homework assignments and meetings without compromising academic rigour. As an added bonus, homework sessions would be conducted at the end of the day to help students

    How do I enroll for online high school?

    Enrolling at CGS is easy. We offer both full time and part time options for the International GCSE, A Levels and AP curriculum. Speak to an advisor to get started.

    Can you start online school anytime?

    At CGS we offer flexible enrolment options with two major intakes - in January and September - each year. If you want to join outside of these intake times, speak to an advisor to learn more.

    Do universities accept online high school diplomas?

    Most universities worldwide accept international curriculae such as A levels. However, you should still check with your university about particular admissions criteria.

    Can you graduate high school early online?

    Yes, of course! If you are ready to accelerate ahead of the traditional school year, we can arrange for your classes to be adapted to that- speak to an advisor to set up your learning plan!

    Do you offer extra support?

    We offer all our students 5 hours of 1:1 Lessons each term. We do offer support after these hours end as well however it will be chargeable.

    Do you have clubs and activities on holidays?

    Yes, we run clubs and activities very regularly at Creek Global School. We have a wide range of activities for students to choose from such as calligraphy, photography, film making, cooking, entrepreneurship and business, amongst many others.

    Do you help in career choices?

    Ofcourse, helping students in high school with their career choices is very important to the Creek Global Team. We have several internships, university tie ups and real life industry experience available to students. Other than that we also have an in house career counsellor to help students.

    We come with an experience of three decades which helps us to understand the needs of your child.

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