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With our learning-through-play system, as well as our rigorous curriculum, students are able to be the best they can be; and to learn the best they can- which also shows up on their grade-sheets. After all, you would score much better, too, if you enjoyed what you were doing, and were given the tools to excel!

Our students have a strong work ethic, a strong sense of integrity, and a well-rounded outlook on life. We are also compliant with the UK national curriculum, as well as the Finnish national curriculum- both of which are known to be some of the best in the world.

At Creek Global School, we encourage students to be active participants when learning and this is only possible through our interactive online lessons. Led by highly qualified and passionate teachers and educators who are experts in their field. Our learning platform ensures that connections can easily be made and that our students have help in their learning when they need it.

Learning in an online environment can be a little challenging and students can feel like they are not being heard. At Creek Global School we have small class sizes with up to 10 students for ‘foundation’ subjects and up to 6 students for the ‘core or mandatory’ subjects.

Students at Creek Global School are moulded for the future. We teach our students skills and subjects that make them ready for their career and future. ⅗ths of all highschoolers in the world think that school did not prepare them for their career, but here at Creek Global School everyday is a step closer to your dream career.

Not all learning at Creek Global School is done in class. We believe in future learning for future thinkers. This involves offering them an array of opportunities to explore beyond the curriculum. All the beyond curriculum classes and lessons are led by fully-qualified experts who are dedicated to providing high-quality online schooling in a way that makes sense for the 21st century.

Our students are assessed on several points to make sure their learning is on track and exceeding. There are three levels of testing that all Creek Global School students go through, the first being- a pre assessment to make sure students are ready for the term, the next being the formal assessment that students go through for English (reading and writing), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, etc. The last one being a peer and teacher reviewed assignment. These assignments happen towards the end of each term and peers and teachers discuss the strengths of the student.

Mental wellbeing is given equal weightage at Creek Global School. Every week students have a mental wellbeing lesson where they are exposed to a number of different activities that promotes happiness and raises their endorphins. Students are also given a healthy mix of study lessons and co curricular lessons so that they are not pressured into studying all day. Students also have access to online counsellors that they can meet throughout the year (even on holidays and vacations). Younger students are also given sessions on emotions, mindfulness etc and will give them answers to questions they may not have answers to themselves.

We have a huge team of teachers from all over the world. They hold postgraduate and PHD degrees and have over 5 years of experience. Experience is not the only criteria, our teachers are also passionate about teaching and learning thus making them perfect candidates to be involved with student education.

Effective communication is an integral part of any school. We take communication between teachers, administrators, parents, and students very seriously, thus offering several differ fast and effective methods of communication that can be used.


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