What are Advanced Placement courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous, college-level courses and assessments offered in US high schools. Administered by the College Board, they have now replaced the SAT Subject Tests for college applications. Doing well on AP courses can translate to college credit in US and Canadian universities.

AP courses are structured to be self-study material with a standardized exam offered once a year. As such many high schools might not offer the correct guidance or teaching for AP courses.

Taking online AP courses with a good teacher will help students with their schoolwork while ensuring they score well in the exams. A good score demonstrates a student’s ability to study a rigorous curriculum and also ensures college credit.

Why take an AP course?

Improve your admissions profile, challenge yourself, and earn college credit with our Advanced Placement (AP) courses.


Boost your candidacy for college applications

Earning top scores in an AP course is the best way to demonstrate your academic ability to colleges.


Gain a head start in high school

Study college-level material early and gain exposure to the academic expectations of college.


Give yourself an edge in college

APs allow students to earn college credit and pursue more advanced courses.


Take a deep-dive into areas of passion

Explore areas of interest, such as Psychology or Computer Science, and provide a clear indication of your academic passions.


Maximise the return on your time

Our AP courses are designed to be fast-paced at convenient weekend times, perfect for students looking to go the extra mile.


Challenge yourself

AP classes are rigorous and demanding, offering an intellectual stimulation that you won’t get elsewhere.