Creek Global School offers students a plethora of activities, clubs and extracurriculars to help them excel not only academically but also in aspects necessary outside of academics.

Our school offers students activities and clubs during their time at Creek Global School. These clubs are covered in the tuition fees and students can enjoy them during their scheduled hours.

Our Activities

  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Language
  • Creek Start Up
  • Internships
  • University sessions
  • Guest sessions
  • Instrument learning
  • Coding
  • Public speaking
  • Future readiness
  • Model United Nations
  • Public Policy
  • Activism and many more.

Student and teacher-led clubs- What are these- Students and teachers have made several groups throughout their time at Creek Global, some of those groups have continued while others have not been able to. They charge a nominal amount from students willing to join these groups and then get together to create masterpieces.

Have an idea for a group that you would like to start? Well, we can help you, just let us know the name and what the group is about and we can help start it.

The music club at Creek Global school was created by a team of students when we first opened. The music club is the perfect club for all music enthusiasts. Students learn music from our music teachers, practise together, create an online band and also host events throughout the year. We also host competitions with exciting prizes.

Creek Global Students can join the art club too. Students across all grades make art using different mediums under our art teacher’s guidance and once the masterpieces are made they are put onto the wall of arts page on the Creek Newsletter.

This is another fun society for students who love writing, together students come up with stories, things that happened in the school for the month, things they plan to do next month etc. This is all then collated by them and put into the Creek Newsletter which is sent out at the end of each month.

The Creek Global film society is the perfect place for film lovers, film makers and all things film. Students come together with drama students and make exciting films and drama serieses from home. This is the perfect club for anyone wanting a little fun in their time at school. Members of the film club also have frequent movie weekends and some movie nights that you can attend.

With several people interested in yoga and martial arts our students came up with the yoga and martial arts club which they sometimes call the YaMA club. This is the perfect relaxation and health club. Excluding Creek Global students and sports teachers, students also call guest speakers, sports personalities and athletes and other influential people, to help students lead a better life.