What subjects are offered for Creek Classes?

Single subjects

At Creek Global school we help your child learn the subjects they want to and so we match the perfect teacher with students so they can work towards and finally reach their goals. Our smart online education method eliminates the need to travel from place to place and seamlessly integrates the perfect learning solution in your child’s day.


School programmes

 Our school programmes help learners catchup or exceed in their class. We provide support in all IB, AP, IGCSE, and A/AS level courses so your child can bring out the best.

Exam learning

Studying and training for an exam that is not part of school can be a little challenging and finding the best teachers for it can be even more challenging. We at Creek Global will match you to the best teachers so you can give your best. We teach for all language examinations, and over 15 other standardized tests.


We understand that not everything might be taught to you by your child’s school. With our extracurricular programmes students can learn a variety of non academic subjects such as musical instruments, dance, drama, and a lot more


Guidance programmes

This is a programme especially designed for high school students keeping in mind their future careers, university applications and other aspects of their future. This is the perfect programme for young adults to take up as this will help them learn a variety of essential skills such as necessary etiquettes, help with university or job interviews, mentorship for the future, and other such useful and relevant future skills. The guidance programme helps turn your child into a poised young adult