Creek High School

Creek high school is the last leg of your journey to finishing your schooling. This is for students aged 14+. We at Creek Global School aim to provide you with personalized learning and thus have four different curriculums that you can choose from.

The first is the IGCSE. Students who take and pass a minimum of seven subjects from the five IGCSE curriculum areas are given the IGCSE certificate.

The subjects include- English, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, Creative and Vocational subjects, and Language-2. Cambridge ICE is awarded to students who complete at least seven IGCSE subjects, including two from Group 1 and one from each Group 2 through 5.

Students at Creek High School can also choose to take the AP and AP Hons Courses. Apart from offering individual AP courses, we also offer students the AP Capstone Diploma Program. It is a two-year program based on the AP Seminar and the AP Research.

Creek High students can also opt to do the CIE O-levels. We offer English, Language 2, Mathematics, Sciences, Social studies, and many more subjects. The Creek High students will be taught in a university-readiness format. This helps them adapt and adjust to the university teaching styles.

Our students are all given university readiness classes and tools to help them. We offer our students world class internships, job opportunities, and other activities which would help them boost their career and kick start their university and career life better.