Primary school

In Primary school at Creek Global School, we aim to engage, and appropriately challenge
our students to provide them with a wide range of skills that will put in them a love of
learning. We have a creative, theme-based curriculum for our (age 6- 11) students. Our
curriculum is carefully designed for child centric learning. This ensures that students are
excited to go to school everyday.

The Creek Global primary school curriculum consists of the following subjects. The “core or
mandatory subjects” include English (language and literature), Science, Mathematics, Social
studies (Geography, History and Civics), Language-2.

The foundation subjects that are taught weekly or bi-weekly consist of- Arts, Sports and
Yoga, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Music and
Dance, Physical Education and Development (PED), and Astronomy.

Before the start of each term students are given a list of extracurriculars that they choose.
This includes drama, instrument learning, coding, languages, public speaking, cooking etc.

What subjects are offered for International GCSE?


Our Science curriculum is a very rigorous yet fun course that prepares students for the next stage. We make sure students get enough exposure to practical and theory lessons. We offer them regular virtual lab lessons and some home lab activities that they can do themselves, with everything easily found at home



Our students, on an average, improve upto 2 levels in English in a month. All of the Creek Global English teachers are native and are personally trained to the highest level to make sure that they deliver the best education to students. Our English lessons are structured in a way where students do both language and literature in a fun and engaging way.


Mathematics is an integral part of the Creek Global curriculum. Our primary school Mathematics course includes Vedic Maths and Abacus lessons. We make Mathematics fun by using several different study methods such as games, worksheets, role play etc. The unique Creek Math curriculum is a mixture of Singapore, Russian and vigorous Indian Maths

Social Science

Primary school students at Creek Global School are taught a wide range of relevant Social Science subjects. They are given a healthy mix of History, Geography, and Civics lessons that are not confined to one demographic. Our teaching method includes role plays, dress up days, presentations, and much more.


In a globalised world learning a second language is always a plus point. We at Creek Global believe that the longer a child learns a second language the better it is for them. We have a range of languages to choose from including- English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, among others