Secondary School

In the Creek Secondary school (for students aged 11-14 ) we empower young minds to problem solve, develop independence, make connections and engage in creative and analytical thinking. Designed on the best approaches to education, we strive to bring the best out of students by unleashing potential, nurturing talent, and working constructively towards dreams, thus making students exceed their expectations.

Our students grow to be leaders of tomorrow, they are all-rounded and ready for the world and anything they want to do as they develop an all-round 21st-century skill set. The secondary school consists of three subject sets- the core, the foundation, and the future readiness subject sets. The core subject set includes English (language and literature), Science, Mathematics, Social studies (Geography, History, and Civics), and Language-2.

These are subjects that a student must know before they graduate from school.

The next set is the foundation subject set. The subjects in this set are done weekly and
include- Arts, Sports and Yoga, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Music and Dance, Physical Education and Development (PED), and Astronomy. Students in secondary school are also provided with a more holistic and world-ready method of teaching thus making them excel in life.

The last set of subjects is future readiness. These are subjects that help students decide what career they want to take up in the future. This includes- Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Law (basics), Fine Arts, Dance and Music, Finance, Computer science, etc

What subjects are offered for International GCSE?


The secondary science syllabus is a mix of fun and learning. Students do a lot of activities and infer and write activities- a unique Creek Global way of learning. Regular lab lessons and highly qualified science teachers make it fun for students and easy for them to choose their future subjects.



A continuation and building on the primary school course. This is a higher and slightly challenging level of English where students are also given a lot of writing and reading tasks to focus on vocabulary, and other relevant soft skills.


In secondary schools students can choose either Vedic Maths or Abacus and will continue learning that. We host weekly Math circles, Group activities, Peer assessments and other such activities for students to enjoy their learning. The Math syllabus is a unique mix of Russian, Singapore, and Indian Maths to give students the highest level of rigour and valuable knowledge with the subject.

Social Science

We cover a wide range of topics relevant to secondary school, students often feel social science topics boring, however at Creek Global School we make sure it is a fun experience through debates, drama, dialogs, quizzes, among others. This improves student understanding and improves students overall grades for the subject.


Students ideally continue with the language they were learning in primary school. Students could ask for a change for their second language which would be subjective to certain criterias decided by the Creek Global Team. At this stage, students learn a higher level of the language and we usually aim to bring them to a B1 level or higher.