Choosing the perfect university is an exciting and rewarding final step in a student’s educational journey.

At Creek Global, we carefully match each student with an expert counsellor who guides and supports them through their high school and university progressions, as this helps them identify the university that is the best fit for them based on their academic profiles, personal interests, and future aspirations.

The four-year Creek Global Progression Programme helps students progress from high school to university.

This is the first step to your progression to university. In the first stage students and parents attend several online university fests over the course of the year on how to prepare students for grade 10 so they can excel in university. In conjunction with our University Counsellors, and keeping university goals in mind, teachers then meet with students to design individualised academic plans and guide students through the process of selecting courses fit for them. Through the Creek Global ASPIRE programme students learn about their strengths, interests and the ever changing careers of the future.

Parents and students attend university overview sessions and sessions on how to prepare for grade 11. Students will learn how they should plan their high school years to maximise their learning experience, present the most desirable profile to colleges, prepare for standardised tests, and plan college visits. They will also start doing internships and work experience more diligently. Students will take practice standardised tests in subjects and will have regular meetings with education counsellors to help with academic choices for the final high school years.

The Junior University event for students and parents launches the official planning and search process, and a session at the end of the school year prepares students for the college application process in grade 12, this is also when students are assigned a personal counsellor who will work with them throughout grade 12. Grade 11 students will also be required to write the draft for their university essay and submit it to their personal counsellor who will then check it and send it back to the student. Students will now be asked to pick a final group of university subjects that they will be prepared for. They will be helped to obtain relevant university, and work experience to make a smooth transition.

A Final Year University event for students and parents will be held in September, providing information about college visits (physical and virtual), application deadlines, and the different types of admission programs (i.e., Early Decision, Early Action, Restricted Early Action, etc.). Counsellors meet with students individually to finalise the preferred university lists and discuss their applications. They will assist students in editing and completing essays and guiding them for the other necessary documentation.